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Lice! April 27, 2010

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I regularly read a blog from a fellow teacher and her latest post was in regards to the lice epidemic in her classroom.

She wrote a playful letter to lice everywhere explaining that her students and her school  do not have the resources or time to deal with lice. Although the letter was funny it got me thinking about how things like lice do actually affect the classroom and the learning that takes place there.

I can still remember when our school did its scheduled lice checks. The whole school got checked in a matter of one day, with two adults doing the checking. The teacher would send about five students to the office at a time and it was always the gossip of the lunchroom who hadn’t returned to class after their check. I am unsure what teachers can do to actually prevent lice, but it is important that the teacher talks to the students so that they understand what is happening. It is also important that the classroom community is strong enough to prevent the students who do have lice from being ostracized when they return to class.

Just something to think about sorry for making you itch!