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Tabblo as a Tool March 23, 2010

I gave a brief introduction to Tabblo in my blog post “Abby Jo Tabblo.”

Tabblo is a great resource for students to create reports, but in a more creative way. The downside to using Tabblo for a report type project would be the lack of text space available. I actually see Tabblo used in every class.  Some examples include:

Math- each picture should be the step of a math problem or a picture of a story problem and the caption could actaully be the steps taken within the picture.

Science- I mentioned the example of a catepillar to butterfly with description and detail in the captions.

Social Studies-  Tabblo could be used to showcase different cultures and/ or cultueral events again with descriptons in the cations.

Language Arts/ English- Each picture could represent a simile and the caption could be the simile.

I like Tabblo becasue it can be adapted for any grade, it is very direct and simple to do and it can be done on virtually any computer (no software or microphones are needed.) It is also a great way for shy students to express themselves and gves tech savvy students an outlet to really showcase their abilities. There are so many uses for Tabblo in the classroom, from teacher based to student centered that it is a very valuable tool and I am definitely happy it is the one I choose.


Abby Jo Tabblo

Click here to see the tabblo I did on Abby Jo, who is actually my boyfriend’s dog.

I could really see using Tabblo in a classroom for older students to use to tell their own story. For younger and older students I think that it would be a great way to show the progress of something. I am specifically thinking that it could be used in science to show the progression from caterpillar to butterfly.


Digital Photo Editing February 2, 2010

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Here are the pictures that I edited on flickr!


Flickr Slideshow

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Here is the slideshow I created trying out digital photo editing on Flickr!