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‘creative’ math January 31, 2010

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I did some reading for a different class on how children learn math and I found some points very interesting and educational.

The reading brought up how children sometimes make their own algorithms when it comes to math.  So, basically that means that the teacher can show and instruct the students on how to solve a problem the ‘right’ way but the students will solve the problem a different way that makes sense to them.  Before reading this text I was unsure, as a teacher, about how I felt about this. I know that I want my students to think for themselves, but in math is that wrong?

This text actually promoted the idea of allowing students to create their own algorithms. By doing this students are actually owning more of their own learning.  It is important for teachers to understand this concept and not shun the idea. Sometimes as a teacher it is difficult to let go and allow students to do their own thing, but when realizing that it is beneficial to allow the students to be more creative the teacher will be able to relinquish some control and perhaps even scaffold that type of learning.