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Horse Racing April 26, 2010

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I am so excited for this weekend, my Mom and Dad and I are going to the Kentucky Derby!

Not only is this one of the most exciting weekends of my life, so far, I mean graduation will be up there too, but I can’t stop thinking about it!

This makes me think about students who go on trips during the school year. I know that many teacher give the students all of her or his homework that she or he will be missing while gone, but I think that alternative assignments might be more beneficial. This is not to say that the student shouldn’t do the regular classroom work, but for instance instead of doing all the language arts homework, having the student write a few journal entries of trip may be more beneficial.

I know that even now, as a college senior, I would not be able to concentrate on regular class work and would get a much more enriching learning experience from being able to write about my trip! Not only is it more beneficial for the student, but it allows the student to take ownership of her own learning and gives the student a way to share his or her experience.


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