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Wikis, Blogs and Webpages April 21, 2010

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In the beginning of this semester I would have had no idea what a wiki was let alone how to create one. I know what a blog was, but I had only done one for a class that didn’t actually work out. Webpages were things meant for other people to design and me to look at.

Now all three things have different meanings. I now understand how to use each one of the  three technologies to their utmost benefit. I look at wikis and webpages as very similar. I see them as things designed to display information. Wikis are somewhat more user friendly and less professional looking while sites like Weebly allow the user to create something very professional looking. Blogging is a great way to get ideas out there, but in an even more informal way than wikis. Blogs also are useful for communication between readers and the blog creator.

All three technologies are valid and have their own special purpose, but in order to really get the most out of one I think that the creator needs to experiment and find which specific technology would work best for her or himself.


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